Customer with shopping bags

Four Ways to Increase Your Customer Base
And Improve Loyalty

STEP 01: ServiceFocus on creating a friendly, upbeat and unique customer experience. This will demonstrate that your company cares about quality products and/or services. Good service equals excellent word-of-mouth advertising because customers feel good about recommending their favourite brands to their friends and family. STEP 02: CommunityEngaging your clientele on … Continue reading “Four Ways to Increase Your Customer Base
And Improve Loyalty”

5 Shocking Statistics About Facebook Advertising

If you run a small business, you need to know these Facebook advertising statistics and put them to work for you. For context, Facebook has a combined 3 billion active users! This includes the Facebook feed, Instagram, Facebook Audience Network, Messenger, Marketplace and Whatsapp! Your Customers Are On Facebook! The … Continue reading “5 Shocking Statistics About Facebook Advertising”

Finding the perfect customer

Finding The Perfect Customer For Your Business

The first steps in any marketing strategy is finding the perfect customer. It’s important that you get a sense of basic information like gender, age, status, income, interests, etc. Unless you clearly define these basics, then you will literally be talking to strangers. Time and resources are obviously more effective … Continue reading “Finding The Perfect Customer For Your Business”

Take a closer look

Who is Your Customer? Take a Closer Look

We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t please everyone”. The same is true in business. It’s rarely effective to go after everyone as a potential customer. So finding the answer to the question of “Who is your customer?” will help focus your marketing efforts and perhaps even the products you … Continue reading “Who is Your Customer? Take a Closer Look”

Social Media

How Do I Start to Engage Customers Online?

Where To Begin with Digital Advertising  There are many different apps and websites to choose from to engage customers online. It can be difficult to determine how a small business can most effectively reach customers and develop a community. While there is always chatter about the “new app” or Google … Continue reading “How Do I Start to Engage Customers Online?”