STEP 01: Service
Focus on creating a friendly, upbeat and unique customer experience. This will demonstrate that your company cares about quality products and/or services. Good service equals excellent word-of-mouth advertising because customers feel good about recommending their favourite brands to their friends and family.

STEP 02: Community
Engaging your clientele on a regular basis allows for the relationship between your brand and the customer to grow and develop. It encourages both open communication and participation from customers. Social media platforms have become the low cost solution for many small businesses. For more information on this topic see the article How Do I Start to Engage Customers Online?

STEP 03: Focus on What You Do Best
Show what your company and brand does best. It’s time to stand out to your customer! This will make you more identifiable. It also sets you apart from other brands by highlighting your brand’s unique voice, story, products and services.

Step 04: Programs
Start a programme for customers to create devoted fans. It gives customers a reason to come back to your company and will make the loyal followers feel more valued as they redeem their rewards.

Bonus Tip: Be Consistent
Creating a sense of familiarity is a sure way to encourage returning customers. People stick to what they know.