Time To Invest, If You Can

One of the first things many businesses did at the start of the pandemic was to cut back on marketing. That was understandable in the short term it could be an opportunity for you to rise above your competition!

Like the slower tortoise overtaking the much faster hare, it could be a window to win the race. Don’t take your foot off the gas.

Of course, Marketing your business during the pandemic may not be possible for some businesses because revenue is greatly reduced. In that case, low-cost social media advertising is very attractive. So much can be done with just time and energy without a large marketing budget. 

Focus on Your Existing Customers

It may be obvious but, this is really basic Marketing.

It’s always easier and less expensive to market to existing customers rather than finding new ones. Consider what else you can offer in products or services that may add value. Free or faster delivery? Bulk discounts? Think outside the box and partner up with another business to enhance what you are offering. 

Whether it’s time, effort, or money, it may be the right moment to invest more into your marketing rather than less to gain a competitive advantage that will pay off long after the pandemic is over. 

See the link for more information about the Canadian Federal Government Response to Covid for business.